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"The ʔísil Map of San Bernardino" and "Coyote" published in yəhaw̓

Updated: Oct 14, 2021

I am grateful to yəhaw̓ for supporting my art and am proud to be included within the Indigenous creatives roster.

Donate to yəhaw̓ Indigenous Creatives Collective to directly support Indigenous creatives. yəhaw̓ is a tax-exempt Section 501(c)3 charity, so contributions are tax deductible. The EIN is 86-1235460, the UBI is 604 691 984. Make an online payment, or mail a check to 3815 S Othello St Ste 100/348, Seattle, WA 98118. We appreciate your support!

taqʷšəblu Vi Hilbert (Upper Skagit tribal elder) in her telling of Lifting the Sky, says in dxʷləšúcid yəhaw̓ translates as "to proceed, to go forward, to do it."

Another yəhaw̓ artist I want to mention is Jessica Mehta. Mehta is an influence on my writing. Her work is cited in my UWB MFA thesis. She has been named poet in residence at Hugo House (where I am a poetry fellow) and will be participating in Shunpike's Storefront program. Shunpike also funds the Mineral School where I am currently in fellowship and residency. You can learn more about Mehta at Jessica Mehta – Aniyunwiya. Author. Artist. Her work published in yəhaw̓ can be found at the following site:

yəhaw̓ is on the traditional territories of the Coast Salish people.

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